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Golf Cart Neon Lights

Rods and Strobes

Under Golf Cart LED Light Kits


Under Body LED Light Kit

LED Golf Cart Underbody kit is a 4-pc. multi-colored flexible tube kit designed to illuminate your golf cart.  Includes a total of four 24" flexible tubes with 27 ultra bright LEDs per tube giving you a total of 108 wide angle LEDs.  Can bend and flex to fit in tight locations on your cart.  This kit allows you to change the color with the push of a button.  Some of the available colors include blue, red, green, purple, pink, aqua, white and yellow.  The included control box features numerous patterns such as strobe, fading, chasing and sound activated effects.  All mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions are included.




Mini LED Running Lights

Install on the sides of your cart or were ever it looks good.


Red #GCT1LI000R0

Amber #GCT1LI000A0



Flashing strobe light, for all voltage systems. Features a screw off polycarbonate amber lens and black plastic mounting base.  #GCT13417 $89.00

16" amber strobe with single reflector that rotates around bulb. Plugs into lighter.

#GCT102445 $175.00


7-1/2" amber strobe with three optic lenses that rotate around a bulb producing 80 flashes per minute.

#GCT102461 $149.00

5" amber strobe light, 5 amp current draw, 75 flashes per minute.

#GCT1091090 $82.00

12-volt amber rotating beacon

#GCT108930 $160.00

Red strobe light lens for #GCT102445 and #GCT102461

#GCT102443 $30.00


Cigarette Lighter & Socket for 12V Plug In Accessories #GCT109103 $10.50

Push - Pull Light Switch

#GCT1024570 $15.00



Voltage Reducers Click Here


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