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Honda Motor Upgrade Kit


Storage Covers

Cargo Bed Sale

Carburetor Sale From $99.00

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Bag Protectors

Custom Steering Wheels from $58.00

Dash Beverage Trays

Rear Seat Arm rests

Disc Brakes






With Lid Closed With Lid Open

 Click Here For Online Order Form   or Call us at 866-324-9901

 Click Here For Online Order Form  or Call us at 866-324-9901


 Refreshment bar for golf tournaments.

Total Capacity: 56 Gallon

Total Weight: 650 lbs (Loaded) /134 lbs (Empty)

Min 1 1/2″ Insulation on All Sides

Outside Dimension 35″L x 43″W x 24″H

Adjustable Compartment, Use With or Without Separators

Color Options: Dark Green, Tan, Grey, or Blue

Accessories: Chip Box and Stand

Fits the EZGO 1200, the Club Car Carryall 500, and the Yamaha Adventure

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