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Serial Interface

Capture data to a PC with this serial interface.



6-battery Remote Monitor 6 additional 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries by adding this 6-battery Remote to your  GCT600HE Ultimate battery meter system. Use up to 4 Remotes per system, to monitor up to 24 batteries.





Automatic logging serial interface This interface automatically logs  data to its own 2MB internal Flash memory, and may be programmed to capture data unattended, and without a PC, for months at a time. Data is easily downloaded to a PC at a later time.

$79.95 Coming soon!


Display and one 6-battery Remote, for monitoring six 6V, 8V, or 12V lead-acid batteries. Monitor additional batteries by adding one or more 6-battery Remotes




Display and one 8-battery Remote for monitoring up to 8 lead-acid, Lithium, NiCd, or NiMh batteries. Please specify what type when ordering (Batteries must be less than 12V each)




Current Sensor An easy to install Hall-effect current sensor adds additional functionality to your GCT600HE or GCT800HE systems. Unlike a shunt resistor system, the current sensor is completely isolated from the pack, wastes no energy, and may be installed anywhere in the pack.


Your choice of 200 AMP, 400 AMP, 600 Amp



8-battery Remote Monitor 8 additional 6V or 8V batteries by adding this Remote to your  GCT800HE Ultimate battery meter system. Use up to 4 Remotes per system, for monitoring up to 32 batteries.



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